Are you ready for the best training experience in the sport of martial arts in Texas?

Mixed Martial Arts Training

Elite Martial Arts is the top MMA training facility in Texas, with Elite school locations in Houston, Baytown, Greenway Plaza and Kingwood.

How did we become the top gym for Martial Arts in Texas?

After training thousands of successful martial artists in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Elite Self Defense, Kickboxing, Boxing, Weight Training and other essentials to get you in fighting shape. We have been doing so for 7 days a week for years across Texas, whether you're in Houston, Baytown, Kingwood or elsewhere.

What is our MMA Training mantra?

We emphasize three things: team, community and mixed martial arts, even if you're not in Texas! Everyone at Elite MMA is about growing each day, both inside and outside the school. We strive for success and balance in life, achieving goals in the following areas of life: physical, educational, family, financial, friendship, spiritual, and community.

We are experts in the instruction of self defense, muay thai, kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) and offer these essential classes across Texas in Houston, Baytown and Kingwood. We pride ourselves on providing an environment for fun, happiness, and personal growth each day we come together. Thank you for coming to our web site.

We hope you enjoy the information and make the choice to take action and begin your journey for martial arts in Texas with us. It is when we take action towards a goal, dream, or idea that we begin to reap the abundance life has to offer.

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