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Choosing the Program That’s Right for You

At Elite MMA, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive variety of mixed martial arts classes and work with each student to find the program(s) that fit their needs. Not everyone is looking for the same outcome from joining Elite MMA so our classes allow you to choose the subject that interests you the most, to try something new, or try them all. At Elite MMA instructors and staff will work with your unique goals in mind to find the right fit for your needs.

Offering men s programs, women s programs and youth programs, from kickboxing and self-de-fense to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, our selection will fit the needs of beginners to advanced students. Elite MMA schools includes four facilities conveniently located around the greater Houston area and offer weekday, night and weekend classes taught by certified and caring instructors. We offer a complimentary private lesson to potential members and tours of our facilities, come see why Elite MMA is the right school for you.

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Elite MMA offers excellent kickboxing programs for both, first-timers and world champions. Learn to use body mechanics like footwork, core mobility and blazing hand speed in a safe and fun-filled environment. Leave our class feeling strong and sweaty.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport wherein two competitors fight to achieve dominance using tactics like striking, finishing holds and control. Each session is geared towards learning basic advanced techniques like punches, chokes, take-downs, kicks, joint-locks, and throws that improves balance, boosts your confidence and transform your mind and body.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a dynamic martial art that leverages mental acuity and the power of self-defense.
Jiu-jitsu or “gentle art” employ effective techniques that enable even a smaller, weaker individual to defeat a stronger opponent. Accomplish physical fitness, discipline,and teamwork in a motivated community of MMA practitioners.


Self-Defense training teaches you to defend yourself in any situation. Dispel vulnerabilities with ready-to-use self-defense tactics, body mechanics and strategies gaining leverage against your attacker. These include eye strikes, groin kicks, slaps and other tactics, often called ‘dirty’ in sports when someone pounces on you unannounced. Train with the best.

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Also known as the “Sweet Science”, classic boxing is a great self-defense program which utilizes proper body mechanics including footwork, core mobility, and blazing hand speed. Not only is the class practical for self-defense purposes, but it is also a tremendous workout. You will end up in a puddle of sweat and love every minute of it.

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