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Women's Self Defense Houston

Have the confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Womens self defense training
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Self-Defense training teaches you to defend yourself in any situation. Deter possible threats with ready to use self defense tactics, body mechanics, and strategies. Not only will you to defend yourself physically but have the mental awareness to react to a situation that your faced with.

  • Learn to stay calm, confident, and direct
  • Develop situational awareness
  • Protect yourself in potentially threatening situations
  • Practice in a safe, protective, and fun-filled atmosphere.

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It’s never a bad time to learn how to defend yourself, and you can start by taking our women’s self-defense classes. Get started by scheduling a free private lesson!


We all want to avoid a physical altercation any chance we get, but there are times when a person needs to defend themselves. Women are often painted as vulnerable and defenseless in this sense, but nothing could be further from the truth. Women are as strong as any man and are fully capable of defending themselves. Our self-defense classes are aimed at helping you learn how to use your own body in order to counter any move your assailant would try to use against you.

Classes in self-defense should be a necessity for anyone. It’s true that not everyone is a fighter, but the art of defense comes in learning how to avoid prolonging a fight and aiming to subdue your opponent as quickly as possible. The key emphasis in self-defense technique comes from training your body to understand what forces are needed to counteract the assailant’s moves.


These classes aim to teach you how to defend yourself in a quick and easy program. The training emphasizes a comprehensive schedule to help compact years of learning into a few months so that you will be able to take advantage of training as soon as possible.

The simplicity of this program makes it easy to learn but also effective against any would-be assailant. With the Elite Women’s Self-Defense program, you will be able to go out on the street feeling prepared to go up against any opponent.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, you should consider scheduling a free private lesson in order to familiarize yourself with our training and instructors. Check out our four Houston-area locations to see which Elite MMA gym is the closest to you