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Elite MMA in Houston offers excellent kickboxing programs for both first-timers and world champions. Learn to use body mechanics such as footwork, core mobility, and blazing hand speed in a safe and fun-filled environment. Leave our class feeling strong and confident. Here, you will:

  •    Total body workout
  •    Classes taught by our world class coaches
  •    Learn self-defense
  •    Increase core strength

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Women's Kickboxing

Kickboxing is world famous as a spectator sport and is almost exclusively shown as a men’s sport on TV. However, this is sport can be utilized by women as well, whether as a way to maintain fitness or to practice self-defense. If you’re curious about what kickboxing entails, you should consider scheduling a free private lesson at any of our Houston Elite MMA locations, including Houston Westheimer, Houston Greenway Plaza, Kingwood and Baytown.


Kickboxing was developed from a variety of different martial arts, and its techniques will vary depending on how a person has been trained. Most commercial forms of kickboxing you see on TV involve both offensive and defensive techniques. However, for our Houston Women’s  classes, you will learn how to defend yourself against an assailant while also toning your core.

Elite MMA’s Women’s Kickboxing classes combine techniques from Thai kickboxing and western-style in order to provide a program that will teach you how to defend yourself and will give you a great workout while you are learning. You will learn with your colleagues by sparring at different levels in order to hone your skills.


Most styles of kickboxing are famous for how they utilize all parts of the body. In addition, you will be able to hone your reflexes to be able to duck and dive like the pros. That way, you can easily avoid your opponent and land critical blows that will knock them off their feet and subdue them so you can get away safe and unscathed.


At your free private lesson, you will learn about how this fitness program will help you learn more about your body, and you’ll become familiarized with our training program. Each of our four Houston locations is staffed with professional trainers who can help you every step of the way.

If you are ready to learn how to use your body to go up against any opponent, feel free to call us. We can provide you with the necessary equipment, and all we ask you to bring is a towel and water. 

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