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Student Testimonials

"I have been with Elite for several months now and I cannot say enough good things about this facility, their program and the crew that runs it. Elite is more than just a mixed martial arts or self-defense school, it is a community that focuses on camaraderie, growth and support of attaining personal goals. All of their staff is top notch as both instructors and individuals." -Jay S.

"I am eternally thankful to those at Elite MMA for accepting me into their family and pushing me to grow in every aspect of my life. Success is derived from our ability to approach life with the proper mental, physical, and spiritual strength. To know this is easy. To achieve such a balance in your own life is a challenge. The ability to help others achieve it is exceedingly rare and valuable. The family at Elite is one of those rare groups that understands how to drive you to succeed. I am proud to have studied & trained at the House of Elite." -Christopher R.

"My husband Rob has been with Elite for 2 years now. I'm happy to say, Rob has lost 40 of those pounds, taken 4 inches off his waist and mentally is in a much better place than I have ever known him to be. Rob continually talks about what a great group of guys and gals he trains with and how the coaches continually keep it fun while always making it challenging." -Amanda S.

"I've been going to Elite MMA for almost a month now and truly love going. The instructors and people are great - helpful and encouraging. The classes are enjoyable - high intensity, something always new and fresh. There are a lot of different classes to choose from and the times are convenient. I recommend joining - I was new to kickboxing and group classes and was a bit intimidated, but have adapted well. It's a great environment to get a great workout." - Meredith N.

"I'm fortunate (or whatever you want to call it) to have a very energetic 3-year old. To consume his bottomless energy, I took him to Elite MMA. He fell in love with BJJ on his trial class and I'm amazed and proud to see him following instructions of his personal trainer Ana and grow his techniques week by week. Ms. Ana is an experienced and professional trainer with great attitude and the right amount of discipline. My son loves the training and is enthusiastic about his classes. I recommend everyone who wants to build the external physics and internal character of a young child to come and try Elite MMA." -Anli L., 3-year-old son trains at Elite MMA

"Marilyn and I have been working with John at Elite for nearly a year, thanks to my son we go weekly. I have been diagnosed with Parkinsons and my workouts physically help. The staff is unbelievable in paying attention to their clients and even though John wears us out you couldn't find a better place to work out regardless of your fitness level or age me being 66. HIGHLY RECOMMEND." - Randy R.

"My husband and I joined Elite MMA around two months ago, and we are absolutely hooked! Joining an MMA gym was intimidating to say the least, but the staff has been so incredibly welcoming. All of our coaches--Cruz, Jose, Dave, John, Mitch, Ana, and Trevin--have been awesome and so supportive. I can't speak highly enough about Elite's gym culture; you're treated like family, and everyone is a student. As a woman, I need to add that Eric and Hai have created such an egalitarian environment at the gym. If any of you ladies have reservations about joining, rest assured; I've felt nothing but respect and positivity while training. There are multiple locations and classes to choose from: Kardio Kickboxing (a great workout!), Fight Fit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai, Self-Defense, and Boxing, among others. My husband and I previously worked out 4-5x a week. We lifted weights, did spin classes, played tennis and basketball, and trained for 5k's/a half marathon. However, training at Elite has been our toughest workout thus far. Additionally, training together as a couple and learning self-defense and martial arts skills have been added motivations to showing up at class. The facilities, by the way, are immaculate. There's no better stress relief than taking a long day at work out on a bag. Joining Elite was one of the best decisions we've made!" - Valerie A.

"When climbing a flight of stairs became laborious I knew I’d hit my low point. I mean basic tasks like carrying laundry to the wash room unintentionally became a workout. And I didn’t like the muscle-burn and exhaustion that came along with it. In other words, my physical health was declining to a point where chores were my only form of exercise. As a teenager and young adult I was proud of my health and physique but now--I’m in my mid-40’s and gravity is winning. I was not so proud of what I’d become. In fact, I was embarrassed. About 6 weeks ago my co-worker and I decided that we’d get back in basic shape. Our goal was simple--climb a flight of steps without losing a lung or without dry-heaving from exhaustion. He researched a few gyms before finding Elite MMA. I followed because, well frankly because it was convenient. That’s correct! I was so lazy that I wouldn’t even put in the effort to research. I signed up for their Cardio Kickboxing class followed by Brazilian Jujitsu. Hands-down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been attending classes for about six weeks now. At first I struggled to make it through the first two minutes. I’m improving. Now I can get through an entire class only stopping periodically. My stamina and endurance has improved exponentially and I’m also seeing improvements in my appearance, stomach, chest, arms, and legs. Elite MMA’s services are impeccable, and their processes insure that you receive the attention you desire. But what is most impressive is the culture promoted by the owner and instructors. Saying “they care” may sound cliché but it’s accurate. They’ve helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. They team you with people who bring out the best in you; who challenge you without demeaning you (even if they are more advanced). They’re humble practitioners of their craft. As a result, everyone works toward improving the technique of their peers. And don’t get it twisted; all of this is accomplished in a highly competitive environment. I fly from Dallas to work here in Houston where I attend classes at Elite MMA three days a week. I feel guilty if I miss a class. I truly enjoy them so much so that my health is now a secondary reason for attending (whereas once it was the primary reason). In most instances I’ve become unconscious of the physical workout because the mental play in BJJ completely captures my attention. I could go on and on about Elite MMA but suffice to say…I enjoy it! A lot." -Gino M.



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