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Houston Greenway/Galleria Baytown
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[ 23, MMA - No Gi, MW, 19:30:00, 60, Houston, Eric Williams, Hai Nguyen ]
[ 30, MMA - No Gi, TTH, 20:00:00, 60, Houston, Eric Williams, Robert Jimenez ]
7:30 p | 60min
8:00 p | 60min
7:30 p | 60min
8:00 p | 60min
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What should I bring?
Wear comfortable exercise attire; you will receive your kimono (also called a gi) at your first lesson. This is included in your registration fee.Wear comfortable exercise attire. Don't have martial arts equipment at home? Don't worry, we will provide this for you at your first session.
Please bring a towel, water bottle and a great attitude!

Mixed Martial Arts

Elite MMA offers mixed martial arts classes for men, women, and children at all levels of training. Whether you are brand new to mixed martial arts and unsure if you have the ability, or you have been training MMA your entire life and are at the competition level. The extremely knowledgeable trainers and instructors at Elite MMA have such expertise that they can teach a younger child about discipline and restraint, or they can train someone who is already in fighting shape to keep them sharp with the latest skills and techniques.

Class & Training Options:

At Elite MMA, we offer a variety of MMA through our Baytown, Greenway/Galleria, Kingwood and Houston Westheimer school locations. In order to get involved at Elite MMA, we recommend that you schedule a free private lesson so our instructors can asses your skill level and place you in a class that meets your needs. At your first class, plan to wear comfortable exercise clothing and bring a water bottle, towel and snack if you would like these items. Current MMA programs we offer include MMA - No Gi classes, Fight Fit classes, Open Mat training and private lessons.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a term for the combat sport in which two competitors attempt to achieve dominance over one another by utilizing three general tactics: striking, finishing holds, and control. The rules allow the combatants to use a variety of martial arts techniques including punches, kicks, joint-locks, chokes, takedowns and throws. Victory is normally gained through knock-out, submission (one fighter concedes victory to the other by tapping the mat or his opponent with his hand), or stoppage by the referee, the fight doctor, or a competitor's cornerman. MMA is also alternatively called NHB (for No Holds Barred), but this term is mostly retired. It is no longer an accurate description of the modern competitions which utilize many more rules than before. The first Ultimate Fighting Championship's only rules were against eye-gouging, fish-hooking and biting. It was not unusual to see hair-pulling, toe-stomping and people being choked with the lapels of their clothing. One infamous early match even featured one combatant repeatedly striking his opponent in the groin. Currently, all of the major promotions have a list of rules and banned techniques.

MMA is also used to describe any modern style of martial arts which incorporate techniques and theories from several sportive martial arts. This especially applies to MMA styles which incorporate a mixture of ground fighting, stand-up striking, and takedowns in their training. The main goal of this article is to provide information about MMA as a "realistic, few rules, full contact fight sport" rather than to describe hybrid martial arts that are not typically used in minimal-rules sporting environments.

Modern MMA

As a result of these sporting events, martial arts training and the understanding of the combat effectiveness of various strategies have changed dramatically over the last ten years. While the early years included the widest possible variety of styles (everything from Sumo to Karate), modern fighters often train in a mixture of only three styles: Amateur Wrestling (focusing on clinches and takedowns), Submission Wrestling (focusing on submissions and positioning on the ground), and Kickboxing (usually Muay Thai) (focusing on striking). These three distinct styles coincide with the "phases of combat" theory, which suggests that fights can be broken into three distinct phases, each requiring completely different skill sets: stand-up fighting, clinch fighting, and ground fighting. According to the theory, a fighter's best strategy is to determine the phase in which he has the greatest advantage over his opponent and then to force the fight to take place in that phase. It currently appears that this is mainly correct, in the sense that if you are equally skilled in all phases of combat, you are prepared to take advantage of any weaknesses in your opponent.

Well-known examples of MMA organizations are the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride Fighting Championships.

At Elite MMA we have the skilled instructors to teach you everything you need to know about mixed martial arts. Schedule your free lesson with us today!

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