Derrick Mercer


Derrick Mercer


Testimonial from Derrick Mercer


I’m Derek Mercer 51 years old and the
president and owner manufacturing
company here in Houston let’s see I’ve
been here for about two and a half or
three years well I was looking for an
avenue to work on my conditioning keep
my weight under control a little bit of
a competitive environment like being in
a team atmosphere and only martial arts
seem like Melissa go see I’ve gone
through a judo school before and it have
been about six months since I love that
let’s say running lifting I like being
on a team like competing with other
people so the elite martial arts
well I like the mantra the school
everyone works together for the
betterment of other people in the school
we all work together to improve each
other I didn’t I didn’t have any kind of
negative experience I got a referral
from a friend of mine there is not one
person that I’ve met in this club that I
don’t like working with well I mean my
blood pressure is better I mean my
conditioning is significantly better my
move is significantly better just a much
better frame of mind
you know just being ashamed not that I
can really put my finger on I’ve gone to
a couple of other schools so I knew
pretty much what to expect let’s met the
expectations yeah absolutely if I miss a
session I could tell mentally from my
stress level I need to make sure that I
get back and get after and as far as a
self-esteem issue you know if you’re in
good shape can’t help can it really does
help your self esteem my stress levels
been greatly reduced its I’m 51 I can
compete there are a lot of younger guys
hear that I mean I would suggest it for
for anyone who’s looking get shape

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