Corporate Wellness


Corporate Wellness


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hi this is Eric from elite and soften a
tip for the day I want to talk to you
about corporate wellness corporate self
defense so we traveled a lot of major
companies around Houston and one of the
great things about it is I like to be a
contribution to the community the safety
to the community and so if you’re on a
company or corporation and you want to
do something for your employees that
makes a difference when we come in what
I like to do is to send the employees
home with homework what we like to do is
to make our community safe so a
corporate self defense program takes
about an hour and we send everybody home
and and my guarantee is is that they’re
going to put one or two things in their
life to make it safer and I think one or
two items at a time if I could do that
every day it’s a winner and so I
encourage you that put it some kind of
corporate self defense program in three
employees it’s a great contribution
thanks we look forward to seeing you on
the map

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