Have the confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Self-Defense training teaches you to defend yourself in any situation. Deter possible threats with ready to use self defense tactics, body mechanics, and strategies. Not only will you to defend yourself physically but have the mental awareness to react to a situation that your faced with.

  • Learn to stay calm, confident, and direct
  • Develop situational awareness
  • Protect yourself in potentially threatening situations
  • Practice in a safe, protective, and fun-filled atmosphere.

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What gift could you give your child greater than self defense and high self esteem? To get started, schedule your free private lesson today.

Our caring instructors teach each child the skills necessary to learn how to protect themselves in a safe and educational environment. Elite MMA’s children’s self-defense classes begin with awareness and good verbal communication techniques. Grappling and striking techniques are taught to complete the various ranges. We want our children to avoid dangerous situations, communicate effectively to resolve conflict, and have the physical prowess to resolve situations appropriately if they occur.

Our anti-bullying program is a creation of the head children’s instructor who worked for ten years in counseling. We encourage parents to work together with their children to help them maximize their being of a true martial artist of humility, respect, honesty, integrity, and strong work ethic. Best of all, the kids get to practice these concepts above inside of fun, and highly active martial arts disciplines from numerous cultures and ranges of self defense.

Elite MMA’s instructors promote non-violent resolutions to conflict, helping children understand conflict. Students in our youth self defense classes learn confidence, self-discipline and control. Our young students are treated with the same respect as adults and are taught to return that respect to others. We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement with incentives for good report cards.

At Elite MMA, we offer youth self defense classes both during the week and on weekends at our multiple school locations around the greater Houston area to fit your busy schedule. Our schools are located in BaytownGreenway/GalleriaHouston/Westheimer and Kingwood. Contact Elite MMA today to setup an introductory lesson, a tour of one of our facilities or to get started today!

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