Austin Apodaca

Austin Apodaca - Elite-MMA Instructor


What is your name and age?
 -my names Austin Apodaca and I’m 23 years old

When did you join Elite MMA?
 – I joined Elite in February of 2013

Why did you decide to start taking martial arts?
 – It was my junior year in high school and I was a small kid so I wanted to learn how to defend myself and stay out of trouble 
In the past what had caused you not to take martial arts?
 -There weren’t a lot of schools in the Kingwood area and really I just wanted to hang out with friends 
Is this your first time taking martial arts and what classes do you take?
 – Yes, the first class I took was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class 
If you had any concerns about joining Elite MMA, what helped you with your decision?
 – I didn’t really have any concerns because at the time my dad really wanted me to do this so I trusted him and just jumped in 
Since you have been part of Elite, please share what you have been able to accomplish?
– I’ve been able to compete but those are small accomplishments compared to the person that I’ve become through training. I was a very shy and introverted person before I was training and now I’m teaching classes regularly and accomplishing things that I didn’t know I could do, and I’m very happy and proud of that