Zach Henson

Zach Henson - Elite-MMA Instructor

Zach Henson

My name is Zach Henson and I am 31yrs old. 

I joined Elite MMA In 2010.

I’ve always been a competitive person and I have always been into contact sports. I wrestled in high school and played Rugby in college so after that stopped I needed to find a replacement outlet. I decided that I would give MMA a try. I fell in love with mixed martial arts on the first day.

I don’t think martial was ever really on my radar. There wasn’t any advertising or word of mouth where I grew up. I saw it on TV previously but I was wrapped up in life and it never crossed my mind. In college I tried to sign up at a local gym but the fees were too much so I couldn’t afford it. 

This is my first time taking martial arts even though wrestling is a huge building block for MMA. I try to take all of the classes each day. But I have put in my fair share of time in every class offered at Elite MMA. 

I am most consistent with BJJ Fundamentals and BJJ Endurance, BJJ No Gi, MMA, Muay Thai and boxing. But I still attend cardio kick boxing classes to keep my cardio good for fight camps and BJJ competitions. I usually spend 4-5hrs a day at Elite MMA. 

Coming into a new world, a new environment whether it be a job, a home or a discipline like martial arts it can be overwhelming. I tried a few different places to make sure I picked the right gym for me. There is always a fear of the unknown. 

But immediately everyone at Elite made me feel welcomed and wanted. The people were genuine and open. The facilities are amazing and the schedule was great. The owners and instructors are so involved that it really took my worries away. Not one day has gone by that I’ve ever regretted joining Elite MMA. 


Elite MMA is a community of amazing people. There is so much to gain from the community here. Not just martial arts knowledge but relationships, life advice, work ethic, accountability, discipline and strength. 

The people at Elite MMA have helped me in so many ways I can’t even explain them all. 

The martial arts have taught me many lessons, how to be disciplined, work hard and how to persevere. I have used the knowledge and advice I’ve gained through our community to be a better friend and family member a better employee/manager. 

I’ve accomplished so much in my work life I never would have without the skills I’ve learned from the successful people at Elite. T

hey have pushed me and mentored me in many ways. I can say without a doubt I am more successful now than I would have been had I not joined Elite MMA. I owe my well-being to my teammates!