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Class Schedule
Houston Greenway/Galleria Baytown
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[ 12, Kids, Sat, 10:00:00, 60, Houston, Morganne Thompson ]
[ 24, Kids, TTH, 17:00:00, 60, Houston, Morganne Thompson ]
[ 17, Kids, MW, 17:30:00, 60, Houston, Morganne Thompson ]
5:30 p | 60min
5:00 p | 60min
5:30 p | 60min
5:00 p | 60min
10:00 a | 60min
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What should I bring?
Wear comfortable exercise attire; you will receive your kimono (also called a gi) at your first lesson. This is included in your registration fee.Wear comfortable exercise attire. Don't have martial arts equipment at home? Don't worry, we will provide this for you at your first session.
Please bring a towel, water bottle and a great attitude!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids

Looking to enroll your child in a BJJ class? Schedule a free private lesson at Elite MMA to get started!

Elite MMA kid's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes focus on developing children mentally and physically. Jiu-Jitsu means "gentle art" and emphasizes leverage, balance and technique. Through our youth BJJ lessons we teach kids and teens respect, integrity, self-confidence, discipline, and work ethic. BJJ is a great vehicle for children to have fun and adopt an attitude for success in BJJ, school, and with friends and family. Our caring instructors teach our young students the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a safe learning environment.

Benefits of BJJ for Kids

  • Fitness is key at Elite MMA! Heart disease begins to develop in children as young as two years old. In the U.S., 50% of children ages 5 to 8 already show at least one heart disease risk factor; 50% have high blood cholesterol and up to 80% will carry it into adult life. An average overweight 11 year-old has a 75% chance of remaining overweight in adult life.
  • Fun: Kids like the strenuous exercises of BJJ because it is fun! What better gift to give your child!
  • Confidence: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu increases children's self-confidence in a safe, team-oriented environment. Elite MMA offers an anti-bullying program that nurtures this confidence with an emphasis on humility, respect, honesty, integrity, and strong work ethic.

What can my child expect at the first class?

Please have your child wear comfortable exercise clothing to his or her first class. Your child will receive a kimono (also called a "gi") at their first class. Have your child bring a water bottle and snack if they would like these. All classes begin with a warmup followed by technical training and skills application.

Scheduling & Locations

We offer kid's BJJ classes at our Houston, Greenway Plaza, Kingwood and Baytown locations. Want to see if your child is ready for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Schedule your free private lesson today and we will asses your child's readiness. Don't wait, contact Elite MMA to enroll your child in one of our programs where he/she will get fit, learn self-defense, and gain self-confidence.

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