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Women's Weight Training Program

Elite MMA Women’s Weight Training program concentrates on weight loss and toning your body overall. When you schedule a free private lesson with us, you will see how our workout regimen is unparalleled in getting you fit and looking good.

Won’t weight training make me bulky?

This is probably the main reason most women make the mistake of putting off weight training as a viable workout program. Some women actually go all-in with cardio without even attempting to work on their muscles. This is a big mistake!

Weight training won’t make women bulky, mainly because women have different body chemistry than men. Men get “bulky” because testosterone encourages their muscles to grow big fast. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get stronger from working out. Everyone can benefit from weight training because it helps your muscle endurance and helps with weight loss.

What do I get out of it?

Our weight training programs started out as a supplemental class to our intense combat sports programs such as kickboxing and MMA. However, over time, our instructors have developed a great workout program that will help you lose weight, get a great body image, and improve your fitness level overall.

The best part of weight training compared to other workout programs is the intrinsic motivation from constant improvement. Each week, you will be lifting more weight and learning new workouts you couldn’t do before. At the end of the month, you’ll see your improvement firsthand just by noticing how strong you have become. That will keep you motivated to stay devoted to working out and continue attending.

Individualized programs

These programs are top-notch in getting you fit at your own pace and timing. From day one at your free private lesson, you will work one-on-one with an instructor who will start teaching you how to improve your body and your self-image. Our classes come along with more technical aspects as well, including nutritional guidance, body fat analysis, and an in-depth circuit training program.

You can even get together with a group of friends to work out together and keep yourselves even more motivated!

Check out our four Houston-area locations to see which Elite MMA gym is closest to you and your friends.  

Women's weight lifting classes and training.
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