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Weight Loss & MMA Conditioning

Conditioning and weight loss are the two main goals of any workout routine. By joining Elite MMA in a free, private lesson, you can learn more about these two aspects in an MMA setting. Check out our four Houston-area locations to see which Elite MMA gym is closest to you.


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As a part of a weight loss program, conditioning helps you work out harder for a longer period of time. That being said, conditioning and weight loss go hand-in-hand. MMA is a perfect way to work out because it uses practically every part of the body. It also requires other aspects of fitness that many workout programs neglect, such as enhancing your reflexes and flexibility. Overall, an MMA workout program will mean your body will be taught to perform and even excel against physical demands.

In addition, MMA has a practical use, which is more than can be said of other workout programs. In our Women’s Weight Loss and MMA Conditioning classes, you will also be taught how to defend yourself against an assailant. In our mixed martial arts classes, you will be taught to spar against a partner in order to learn various techniques to subdue someone and escape to safety.


MMA practitioners are well known for their extremely high levels of fitness, mainly due to the physical demands of their profession. Conditioning is a particularly important part of an MMA lifestyle because of the high physical demands that are involved in fighting an opponent. Conditioning specifically refers to training the body in how it uses oxygen and pumps blood, which essentially means you will be increasing your body’s endurance for working out.


To get started, you can schedule your first lesson at any of our four Houston locations. During your lesson, you will be taught the basics and will learn more about what you will be doing in our classes. You will not be required to bring any equipment, but you should bring a towel and water. After your lesson, you will learn more about our programs and what we can do for you. Contact us and get started on improving your body!