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Elite MMA offers a wide range of mixed martial arts classes to women at each of our locations in the Houston area. Schedule a free private lesson today to get started!

MMA for Women

Women's MMA Classes in HoustonMMA is a modern martial arts style that centers on a “phases of combat” theory. The three phases include stand-up fighting, clinch fighting, and ground fighting, with the main idea being a fight will take place in one of these phases and often transition from one to another. Training in mixed martial arts will, therefore, prepare you for any situation in which you may need to defend yourself.

For instance, suppose you are on your way to your car after dark and you’re suddenly surrounded by a handful of attackers. Escaping the situation will likely involve some stand-up or clinch-fighting techniques. Or if someone jumps you from behind and forces you to the ground, you’d then benefit from ground fighting skills to get yourself out of that situation.

Of course, MMA isn’t all about getting out of dangerous situations. Whether you’re interested in being prepared for self-defense scenarios or if you are simply looking for a fun, fulfilling way to work out and push your own limits, our Beginner and Advanced women’s classes provide a safe group environment where you can benefit from the instruction of knowledgeable teachers.

Why Choose MMA?

  • MMA builds confidence and control
  • MMA is a fun way to exercise, burn fat, and increase tone
  • Classes are held in a group environment where everyone practices and learns together

What Can I Expect at My First Class?

Our classes provide a friendly group environment that curbs the anxiety of those attending for the first time. We understand it can be a bit frightening to try something new, which is why we strive to provide as safe and accommodating a setting as possible.

At your first class, bring comfortable exercise attire. Also, you’ll want a towel, water bottle, and a snack. A typical MMA class will go as follows:

  • Warmup
  • Technical training
  • Application and practice

We also recommend scheduling a free private lesson where one of our instructors can assess your skill and recommend the right class for you. Beginner and advanced classes are available to women who want to train with us, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started with a free trial session! We offer classes at our four locations, including Houston, Greenway/Galleria, Baytown, and Kingwood.

Not Sure Which Class To Try?
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