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Women's Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing is there to tone down your figure and keep your body fit.† Check out our four Houston-area locations to see which location is most convenient for you.††Schedule a free private lesson and learn how Elite MMA Womenís Cardio Kickboxing classes will help you get motivated and fit!

Women's cardio kickboxing classes & training.

Whatís the difference between kickboxing and cardio kickboxing?

Kickboxing is well known as a fighting sport where big names go head-to-head in one-on-one combat on TV. Itís well known that any kick-boxer will have a toned body because of the rigors of their training programs and diet. They have to maintain a certain weight at all times to keep within the requirements of their class.

What you donít know is that those bodies donít require years of training to achieve. Youíll learn in any of our Elite MMA Womenís Cardio Kickboxing classes that a toned figure comes from an intense workout and honest commitment. Our courses are confined to just under an hour, and over the course of a few months, you will see the noticeable difference that these short training sessions will make.

What is included in a course?

These courses are focused on strengthening your body and increasing your flexibility. This combination will give you pride in your figure along with a great sense of knowing you are improving your own well-being. Cardio kickboxing will push you to motivate yourself into going the extra mile to keep up with your training.

Our special training courses are focused around how a womanís body should be trained and consist of a combination of the most famous disciplines in martial arts. You will be taking advantage of techniques that come from everything from Muay Thai to American boxing. All of these different techniques are specifically chosen to help you burn as many calories as possible.

How do I start?

At the end of your training, you will be pushing your body to extremes you would not have ever dreamed of. This training system will start with your first free trial lesson and continue once you realize the great opportunity in improving your body and relieving your stress through a full-body workout.

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