What Are You Waiting For with Kellye Hanson

My name is Kellye Hanson, and I feel like I am 21 years of age.  I joined Elite MMA Baytown on July 16, 2020 because I made a promise to myself that this year by July I would commit to a new plan of fitness. In the past, I have tried gyms around the area, but I have a difficult time holding myself accountable to go.  If I did go, I was not pushing myself very hard. When I found out that we had a local MMA group, I looked them up and Elite MMA seemed to offer what I was looking for – a structured cardio kickboxing class. I decided to do the free trial. I absolutely loved how Elite was so welcoming from the time I entered the door and the team encouraged me in a way that I needed – by telling me to KEEP GOING when I felt fatigued during a session. Quitting is simply NOT an OPTION! I love the format of the kickboxing class.  It combines kickboxing technique, a full body workout and a heavy focus on core work. Since beginning the kickboxing class, I have made friends with those that are also in the jiu jitsu class.  They have encouraged me to become part of that class as well.  While I have much to learn, the Elite team blends a unique style of pushing you hard mentally and physically with the steady encouragement when you feel defeated.

In the past I had not tried martial arts because we did not always have a reputable, local MMA place in the area.  If we did, I did not know about it.  It was not until this year that I stumbled on Elite MMA and I regret not finding it sooner. I would have tried it long ago!  This is actually my first time taking martial arts classes with the cardio kickboxing and brazilian jiu jitsu programs.

As far as accomplishments in training, I have lost a few pounds! I feel like my core is stronger and I feel more energetic due to the regular workouts. I also feel challenged mentally as jiu jitsu feels like an ever-changing puzzle depending on the counterpart you are paired with.  Each person has their own style, level of technique, and rank, and you have to adapt and figure out your strategy. While exhausting, especially because I am a newbie, the challenge is consuming.  There are times I lie in bed not sleeping, thinking, what if I tried this instead! Beyond physical accomplishments, I feel I have stepped out of a comfort zone into an arena with nothing but strangers who have ended up being some of my best support!

I know not everyone feels confident rolling up to a new situation with people they are not familiar with and trying something totally new and foreign. It can be quite intimidating! I can tell you though, if you’re willing to show up, Carol will greet you with a smile at the door.  Then Rob, Bri, and Britney will meet you on the mats, welcome you, and introduce you to people just like you who were willing give it a try also. So, what are you waiting for?

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