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Houston Greenway/Galleria Baytown
[ 18, KKB, MW, 17:45:00, 45, Houston, John Alfeche, Trevin Giles, David Cruz, Hai Nguyen ]
[ 25, KKB, TTHF, 18:00:00, 45, Houston, John Alfeche, Trevin Giles, David Cruz, Hai Nguyen ]
[ 20, Kickboxing Fundamentals, MW, 18:30:00, 60, Houston, John Alfeche, Trevin Giles ]
[ 27, BJJ Application, TTHF, 19:00:00, 60, Houston, Eric Williams, Hai Nguyen, Mitchell Norton, Trevin Giles ]
[ 21, KKB, MW, 19:30:00, 60, Houston, David Cruz, Trevin Giles ]
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  • BJJ-A BJJ Application
  • KB-F Kickboxing Fundamentals
  • KKB Kardio Kickboxing
KKB | 5:45 p 45min
KB-F | 6:30 p 60min
KKB | 7:30 p 60min
KKB | 6:00 p 45min
BJJ-A | 7:00 p 60min
KKB | 5:45 p 45min
KB-F | 6:30 p 60min
KKB | 7:30 p 60min
KKB | 6:00 p 45min
BJJ-A | 7:00 p 60min
KKB | 6:00 p 45min
BJJ-A | 7:00 p 60min
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What should I bring?
Wear comfortable exercise attire; you will receive your kimono (also called a gi) at your first lesson. This is included in your registration fee.Wear comfortable exercise attire. Don't have martial arts equipment at home? Don't worry, we will provide this for you at your first session.
Please bring a towel, water bottle and a great attitude!

Trevin Giles

Birth place:†San Antonio Texas

Profession:†Student and instructor

What classes do you teach:Kids BJJ, cardio kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA

What martial art(s) have trained in: BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling

Number of years of training martial arts:† Started training in December 2011

When did you start teaching at Elite MMA?†Started teaching 03/25/15

What is a memorable moment for you at Elite MMA?†Winning my first amateur MMA fight.

In your own words why do you enjoy Elite MMA?†I enjoy Elite MMA because of all the positivity that comes with being a member.† I enjoy the fact that when I am here I know that everybody is here to help me through any problem that I am having. That kind of energy really makes Elite a comfortable learning environment.

Do you have any martial arts accomplishments that you are proud of and why? An accomplishment that I am proud of is stepping into the cage to fight because it is something that not many people are willing to do and it was a fear of mine that I conquered with the help of everyone at Elite.

Are there any professional accomplishments that you are proud of and why?†I am proud of being one of the few people in my family to go to college and stick through it as long as I have and I am proud knowing that soon I will be the first in my family to graduate.

What hobbies do you enjoy and why?†I enjoy all sports from MMA to basketball. I am an athletic person so I pretty much enjoy any sport I get the chance to play.

Any memorable family moments that you would like to share?†A memorable family moment that I have is when my first niece was born.† It felt great to have her as a new addition to the family and it felt great to be an uncle.

Academic accomplishments:†An academic accomplishment that I have is graduating high school and currently finishing up my undergraduate degree.

If you could walk us through a day or week in your life what would it consist of?†A week in my life would consist of going to school in the morning, doing homework when I get home, going to work or training after Iím done studying or sometimes before, and going home to prepare for the next day.

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