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Birth place: Port Arthur, TX

Profession: Sales

What classes do you teach: Fitness Program, personal training and nutrition program.

What martial art(s) have trained in:
1st degree Blackbelt Tang Soo Do
3rd Degree Blackbelt in Shin nagre Karate
Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Close quarter combat training
Adrenal Stress combat training

Number of years training in martial arts: I started training in Karate in 7th grade and continued to train all the way through college. I started training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 2001 and have just started back training after a 4 year layoff. In 2003 I started studying adrenal response to combat and its effects on the body in a self defense situation. I taught the kids program and the adult self defense program at our Elite- Spring location starting in 2003.

When did you start teaching at Elite MMA? In 2003 Eric, Hai and I opened the Elite location in Spring.

What is a memorable moment for you at Elite MMA? I would say meeting and training with Eric for the first time in 2001. I went in looking to learn grappling and it has turned into a tremendous friendship.

Are there any professional accomplishments that you are proud of and why? Being ranked as the number one sales rep in different companies that I have worked for.

Any memorable family moments that you would like to share? The birth of my son and my daughter are by far my two most memorable family moments. I would also say being married to my wife Michelle for 15 years has been a blessing.

What hobbies do you enjoy and why? I enjoy all sports, I love to go water skiing and snow skiing. They are relaxing and I get to spend time with family and friends.

Athletic accomplishments: Earning a scholarship to play Baseball and Football in College was awesome. Getting to be the opening pitcher in the College World Series was a day I will never forget. Finishing my freshmen year 8-0 and being named All- Conference Pitcher. I was a wide receiver on the 1992 Southland Conference Championship Football team at Sam Houston State University.

If you could walk us through a day or week in your life what would it consist of? My days are crazy, start off by dropping my kids off at school, making sales calls all day or doing nutrition/ fitness programs at Elite. When work is over then taking either my son or daughter to their practice or game. I also coach my son's football and baseball teams.

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