TECHNIQUE: Butterfly Elevation Entry into Ashi Garami Heelhook

Check out this video to hear Ryan walk you through what he is doing and to see it in action (and slow-mo!)

 1.  Start in the butterfly guard with your hands C-gripped into your partner’s armpits

2.  Pull your partner over the top of you as you rock back to load them onto your butterfly hooks

3.  Using your hands, guide them to one side to cut your angle

4.  Replace your right hand with your left in their armpit as you grab their near leg.  Your right leg loops out and around their leg

5.  Maintaining a strong left butterfly hook, elevate your hips and get the right leg ready to clamp down on their hips

6.  Clamp the right heel inside their left hip socket as you trap their left foot in your right armpit

7.  Hook their heel with the crook of your right elbow, Gable grip your hands, and slowly turn to the left with your whole body. (See the video for the full finish)

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