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Self-Defense Seminar at Elite MMA Greenway

Eric Williams, head instructor and co-founder of Elite MMA, will be spearheading the event with Mitch Norton. Eric will go over the mental and physical aspects of self de-fense. Please RSVP with the Houston City Club to reserve

Baytown BJJ Highlight: Raymond Vera Jr.

What is your name and age?
Raymond Vera Jr. age 45.

When did you join Elite MMA?
I joined Elite MMA-Baytown in July of 2011.

Why did you decide to start taking martial arts?
I originally started training in the Martial Arts as a second form of exercise to compliment my heavy weight lifting training.

In the past what had caused you not to take martial arts?
In the past I was hesitant to take up the Martial Arts mainly because I had a negative mindset that along with Martial Arts skills would have landed me in trouble.

Is this your first time taking martial arts and what classes do you take?
This was not the first time that I had trained in the Martial Arts and I only study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

If you had any concerns about joining Elite MMA, what helped you with your decision?
I never had any concerns about training at Elite MMA, their reputation on the local competition scene is fierce and well known. I also had trained with Elite MMA-Baytown Head Instructor Robert Yamashita in the past and it was like coming back home.

Since you have been part of Elite, please share what you have been able to accomplish?
Since joining Elite MMA my mobility as well as flexibility have improved. I have lost 35-40lbs and my cardio is steadily improving. The confidence that is gained each week during training carries to my workplace, I don't seem to stress over things that seem impossible because there is no such thing as "impossible".

Anything else you want to share with someone who is looking to get involved with martial arts or looking to change their current lifestyle?
I would recommend Elite MMA to anyone inter-ested in the Martial Arts. With everything from Dynamic Instructors who truly enjoy teaching their craft, World Class Training Facilities, Flexi-ble Class Schedules, Awesome Training Part-ners..........How could I not??not??

Houston Kickboxing Highlight: Leroy Chandler

What are your name, age, and profession?
Leroy Chandler, 28

When did you join Elite MMA?
I joined Elite in November 2012

Why did you decide to start taking martial arts?
I have always been a martial arts fan since I was a little kid.

In the past what had caused you not to take martial arts?
I took a little on and off over time.

Is this your first time taking martial arts and what classes do you take?
No, I take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing classes.

If you had any concerns about join Elite MMA, what helped with your decision?
The people, I felt that I was as welcome as a brother.

Since you have been part of Elite MMA, please share what you have been able to accomplish?
I accomplished skills, better health and weight loss, I started at 375 pounds when I first joined. They helped me with my eating plans and tips for weight loss and in 8 months I weighed 285!!! I lost 90lbs and am still continuing to get a better and healthier lifestyle.

Anything else you would like to share with someone who is looking to get involved with taking martial arts or looking to change their current lifestyle when it comes to their health?
I would totally recommend anyone to giving it a go here. I promise you won't regret it. You would feel welcome and you most certainly would get in better shape. Come in and join an awesome thing, don't take my word for it, see for yourself. You'll love it all.

Respect Badge Recipients

Finished 1st Booklet
Kaitlyn H. Kaley N.
Sydney N. Ryan N. Justin N.

Finished 2nd
Gavin K.

Welcome New & Returning Students

Emmalee M., Dawn K., Christian A., Evan W., Corey H., Christian D., John H., Nathan G., John H., Leo Q., Raul P., Josh B., Christian G., Myster Y., Mike P., Blaine M., Marco P., Nikki G., Elvin A., Bryan M., Hector F., Saratu M., Ryan A., Nicole B., Donovan G., Abel G., Taz Z., Alexander P., Lisa R., Konelio A., Jacqueline F., Lonzo D., Roberto F., Travis P., Luis M., Lyndsey H., Olivia Z., Viet P., John D., Giorgio B., Oriana R., Thai Q., Victor M. Jr., Brian N., Adam T., Andrew A., Chris B., Mohsen A., Diedre H., Dylan M., Maria I., David D., Daniel C., Roxanne A., Brandon M., Eryn M., Francisco A., Aiden V., Nithin K., Dante L., Jasmine M., Victor M., Nelson V., Sebastian B., Chris S., Zayda A., Tommy S., Will C., Edith G.

Congratulations to new Tier 2 Students!

Javier E., Austin B., Clayton S., Myster Y., Thai Q., Travis P., Taiyyab Z., John H., John D., Mike P., Hung L., Alex D., Alvaro E., Adam T., John H., Leo Q., Angela H., Paul G., Pedro P.

Thank You For The Referrals!!!

Christine W., Gavin K., John A., Richard W., Donovan G.

Kingwood Assistant Instructor Highlight: Austin Apodaca

What is your martial arts teaching his-tory and where do you currently teach?
I started helping with the kids class in the middle of summer 2013.

What is your current rank in martial arts?
I am currently a white belt with 3 stripes in BJJ.

What caused you to start practicing martial arts?
I wanted to help teach the kids because one of my brothers attends the class and I love being around kids and I guess I make them laugh.

What is your educational background?
I am a senior at Kingwood High School.

Do you have a competitive history in martial arts?
I competed at the NAGA tournament during June in downtown Houston and am currently waiting for the Texas Open in November.

What do you see is the main benefit the average individual can receive from martial arts?
If you practice martial arts you will learn the ability to defend yourself if needed which is very use-ful in this world today.

What is your favorite part about prac-ticing martial arts?
My favorite part about martial arts is the environment that Elite gives me everyday I walk in and I feel that I wouldn't experience that anywhere else.

Where do you hope martial arts will take you later in your life?
I hope martial arts will help in law enforce-ment if I ever become a police officer or de-fend myself if needed.

Defense Against the Back Roundhouse Kick and Counter With A Roundhouse Kick with Romell Agra

1. Person on left is defending. Relaxed fist at eyebrow level. Left foot forward evenly distributed. Right foot is point-ed 45 degrees out.

2. Person on right is attacking with a right leg kick. Person on the left, is defending with a left shin block. Knee is pointing 45 degrees to the left. Left hand guarding the face with lightly closed fist and chin down. Right hand extending forward to prevent counter.

3. Left leg drops back and right leg angles 45 degrees forward. Left hand forward and right hand back.

4. Person on left, counters with left in-side leg kick above the knee. Right hand held high, with back of the right hand lightly against the forehead. Left hand extended forward to prevent the counter.

Congratulations to all students who were promoted at our recent belt test in Kingwood on September 28, 2013!!!



Antonio S., Ashton C., Ben M., Tristan R., Jaslena F., Gavin K., James H., Aaron A., Devan B., Kai C., Kelechi N., Ty D., Luke D., Anthony C., Asiya A., Frederick G., Kayla C., Kevin C., Max S., Porter D., Riley B., Sebastian S., Thales R., Nathan A., Caleb B.


Eric L., Holly M., Matt A., Paul C., Chris Y., Jose M., Omonele N., Stephen C., Alvaro O., Austin A., Paul G., Rafael S., III Rene U., Jacob M., Jonatas D., Leo L., Nathan L., Casey S., Ryan A. Daniel B. Katie C., Rafael Soto IV, Anthony C.

Wrestling Camp at Elite MMA

UFC 166 on Saturday, October 19, 2013

Come join us for a great night of fun watching the UFC and hanging out with other Elite MMA family members!

Buffalo Wild Wings (Upstairs Mezzanine)
11803 Westheimer Ste 780
Houston, TX 77077
Phone: 281-497-9464

Where: Buffalo Wild Wings suggests being there by 7:30 to avoid parking problems and avoid-ing a line to get in. Main card begins at 9pm

Mojo's Sports Grille
18323 West Lake Houston Pkwy.
Atascocita, TX 77346
Phone: 281-812-0405

Where: Mojo's suggests being there by 7pm to be sure to get the tables for the fights. Main card begins at 9pm.

Who: Elite MMA students and their friends & family are more than welcome.
Age: Adults and kids are welcome, anyone under 21 is not al-lowed in the bar area.

How do I sign-up?
There is a limited amount of seats available. You can reserve your seat by contacting the school or putting your name on the sign-up sheet at the school.
Website: Like us on:
www.Elite-MMA.com www.Facebook.com/EliteMMA

Happy October birthdays

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