MMA Class Near Me: Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts for Everyone

Perhaps you have pondered the question, “Where is there an MMA class near me?” or maybe your kids have asked. It may be something that you’ve thought may be beneficial for you or your kids, but you’re not sure if you would be good at it.

If so, we have good news for you. People of all ages, gender, and people with and without special needs can not only benefit from studying MMA, but also have the potential to excel at it. MMA for women, kids, and people with special needs offer specific types of benefits to each group.


women are learning mixed martial artsThere are many reasons why women decide, “I am going to study martial arts.” Probably the most common reason why women take up this sport is to improve their fitness and to learn self-defense. These are both excellent reasons to take up women’s mixed martial arts, but they are not the only ones.

Many women struggle with positive self-concept. Learning martial arts teaches you to respect your body by learning and adopting healthy habits as it relates to getting sufficient rest, eating healthier food, etc. Accomplishment in martial arts requires persistence, and results are measurable. Early on, you may realize, “I feel more confident in my mix martial arts gym near me.” Soon enough, you may also find that the confidence you are feeling and the persistence you are applying can also benefit you outside the gym.


MMA for girls and boys aged 13 or younger doesn’t get the acknowledgment it deserves. This is in part because of efforts by politicians and concerned parents who are misinformed about how martial arts participation affects children. Many assume that kids jiu-jitsu makes children more aggressive and inclined to act out violently against peers. The evidence, however, suggests the exact opposite.

kids learning martial artsFor one thing, martial arts gives kids a positive outlet to channel their aggressive energy. It also teaches them respect for authority, meaning that they will be less likely to lash out. Studying martial arts also helps to improve kids’ self-esteem. It is most often children who lack this positive quality who feel the need to act in an aggressive or bullying way toward others.

Quite apart from encouraging unbridled aggression in children, martial arts emphasizes self-discipline. The ultimate goal is to give kids the skills they need to avoid a confrontation if possible but defend themselves if necessary.

Special Needs

People with special needs, children and adults alike, can benefit from studying martial arts, too! People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have abnormalities in the brain that contribute to an inability to concentrate. Martial arts not only model concentration and self-control to people with ADHD, but it helps to develop attention centers in the brain that control focus and self-regulation. This is not to suggest that martial arts is a cure for ADHD, but they can help children and adults learn skills that are useful to them in overcoming the difficulties because of their condition.

People with autism spectrum can also benefit significantly from studying martial arts. Autism spectrum disorder can affect communication and social skills, making it difficult for people with ASD to participate in traditional sports. However, children and adults with ASD typically do well with martial arts because the setting is less formal and more casual. Martial arts classes offer the opportunity to be a part of a team, but they also emphasize individual accomplishment.

Communication difficulties due to autism and other spectrum disorders can isolate both children and adults. People with ASD often want to make friends, but they don’t know how to relate effectively to others. Participating in martial arts can help bridge the gap between those on the spectrum and those who are not.

ASD causes acute sensitivity to certain types of sensory input. Too much sensory input can lead to overstimulation, which can make just navigating everyday life a significant challenge. Learning problem-solving skills through martial arts can help provide people on the spectrum with coping skills that are useful to them in life’s daily challenges.

Your Search for “MMA Class Near Me” Is Over

You may wonder, “Where are there MMA gyms near me?” but with classes for men, women, and children, Elite MMA is the only one you’ll ever need. Find out more about choosing programs that are right for you and your family.

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