With your registration into the course you receive all your MMA gear:

MMA Gloves
Boxing Gloves
Hand wraps
Elite MMA Shirt
Shin guards

The Elite MMA way has been in Houston since 1999 and want you to get the proven methods to MMA success.

Full body assessment in the beginning and finish of the program.

Nutrition support.

Instructors who train MMA and care about YOUR progress.
Full body workout programmed for cardiovascular and strength optimization.

How do I even start training MMA?

1. Sign up for the six week MMA boot camp.
2. A professional MMA coach will contact you to prepare you for your journey.

3. FREE MMA gloves, boxing gloves, hand wraps, Elite MMA shirt, and shin guards.

4. Let us do the programming and show up with a group of like-minded MMA students for a great time.
5. No experience required. Learn fundamental skills of MMA.
6. Strength & conditioning for MMA fighters.

Experience the

  • 60 minutes of learning and working.
  • Learn or broaden your MMA skillset.
  • Train with the same group from week 1 to week 6.
  • Feel the poise of an MMA athlete on and off the mat.

10 Benefits of
training MMA

  1. Feel Good
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Functional Body Mechanics
  4. Increase fitness
  5. A fun and safe environment
  6. Always challenging
  7. Mobility 
  8. Self-Defense
  9. Friendship and Companionship
  10. Feel Energized

Technique, strength, power, and speed.

We will supply the equipment to allow you to maximize the 3 areas of performance in MMA. The instructors can make any of the movements work for your body or skill. If you need that push or a slight modification of a movement to optimize the training to your body, we will be right there with you to make it through each and every session.

We will combine the components of MMA

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing – combos that make you move a like butterfly and sting like a bee.
  • Wrestling – Some of the strongest pound per pound and functionally strong people on the planet.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – The smooth and powerful art of ground fighting made simple for you to understand.

Abs of steel!!!

We hit abs(literally) every time you are in!!

Learn the skills
do the drills

  • Workout with a professional coach.
  • Be with great people who are on the same mission as you.
  • Empowering environment.
  • Skills are taught every class.
  • HIIT training converted into the MMA world.
  • Be the Bad A$ you know yourself to be.


Learning the skills to perform to help you push past your expectations.

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