Wizzer Grip From Inside Closed Guard Part 2


Wizzer Grip From Inside Closed Guard Part 2


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hey guys Jordan today we’re gonna
continue our wizard series from inside
the closed guard so we’re actually going
to pick up where we left off inside
wizard grip using a little pal okay get
a choke I’m gonna start with my partner
inside my guard okay we’ve already
established our inside line broken the
posture down I get a deep wizard grip I
start to pass off the far side collar
there remember we’re making an angle
grabbing the back of the key here my
elbow goes down when the choke starts to
come up my partner’s got a panic he’s
gonna post his foot from here
I’m gonna make my legs straight elevate
my hip create an angle my heel comes to
my butt I’m gonna use my instep to get
an elevator going from here my elbow
becomes a lever to move my partner’s
head to elevate the leg mount I can
still finish the choke or we can go for
the arm lock here find my partners in
elbow figure-four grip and look we look
forward to seeing you on the map

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