Wizzer Grip From Inside Closed Guard Part 1


Wizzer Grip From Inside Closed Guard Part 1


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week hey guys Jordan and today I’m
going to show you guys a series using
the wizard grip from inside the closed
guard ok I start with my partner inside
my closed guard ok first thing I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna get an inside line I’m
gonna use a hip Ridge to get my arm
toward the inside now I’m going to use
my knees break my partner’s posture down
I’m gonna feed my arm deep under the
armpit I’m gonna start to open his far
side collar and hand it into my hand Hey
now from here okay what I want to do is
I want to make sure that I’m taking my
partner’s elbow to the mat so I’m gonna
pinch my shoulder down now I use my feet
to move my hips out in an angle so I can
get a clear line to the back of his head
I’ll grab some extra fabric here so that
when I die my elbow down to the mat
again make sure that he does an early
tap so I pull the collars I get a nice
deep choke we look forward to seeing you
on the mat

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