Travel Tips


Travel Tips


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week all right guys this is Robert
we’re just gonna go over some quick tips
for training and traveling tip number
one contact your instructor before you
go maybe they have some recommendations
for some schools that could be in the
area that you’re traveling to tip number
two write the uniform that you take you
want it to be as blank as possible right
having the logos represent here at your
school is really great at the same time
you’re going into somebody else’s school
and you want to make sure that they’re
comfortable just like you’re comfortable
also whenever you’re training at this
other school you want to contact the
instructor first right let them know
just kind of give them a heads up that
you’re coming into town what your
intentions are and making sure that
they’re you know feeling safe and
comfortable with you being there with
their students and last tip is when
you’re training at their school make
sure that you are treating it as if
someone you’re attending someone’s class
at another school you’re being a good
partner you’re having fun you’re being
really relaxed you’re not being a spaz
and going 100 miles an hour and so that
you feel welcome to come back and train
as much as you can while you’re out of
we look forward to seeing you on the map

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