Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hi – Eric from elite tip for the day
we’re gonna talk about respect and
learning and caring for one another and
being a teenager well what does that
mean you know as a teenager one of the
things what we’re trying to do is
develop into adults and so it’s a
difficult transition period force I know
it was for me
and I know as a parent I could you know
you can see children struggling they’re
trying to go from child to adult so we
have a great program for teenagers here
that helps them evolve from child to
teenager to adult how do we do that we
implement all three so they’re going to
be able to work with the adults and that
will adults help mentor them and careful
in it the teenagers get to hang out
together and we expect positive
leadership between those children those
teenagers amongst each other and then
the teenagers are going to help provide
leadership for the younger children and
that’s that’s expected of them otherwise
they’re kicked out of the program but
what happens for the teenager is you get
all three you get to receive from the
adults you get to give and take from the
other teenagers and then you get to give
to the children and what we find for
teenagers it helps with a self-esteem it
helps with the self-expression it helps
with the compassion for one another and
they really start to respect all ages
and what there is to get because you’re
gonna get something I learned from the
five year olds I learned from the 15
year olds I learned from the eight year
olds and we share that same philosophy
and want the teenagers to be able to do
that as well thank you we look forward
to seeing you on the map

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