Single Leg Takedown


Single Leg Takedown


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week alright guys this is Robert and
we’re gonna be going over how to execute
the single leg takedown
unlike the double leg when I’m with
Julianne we had the same leg in front he
had his left I have my left now he
switches stances so now this makes it a
little more difficult for the first
double leg takedown so I switch to the
single same concept I’m gonna move his
hands as I change my levels and as I
shoot I’m gonna reach out and hug his
leg at the same time and suck it up
between my legs once I’m here I keep my
head on the inside not the outside so
that I don’t get choked and to finish a
takedown you’re gonna circle towards
their backside we look forward to seeing
you on the map

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