Self Defense With Baby Stroller


Self Defense With Baby Stroller


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
okay guys frost here and I had kids a
few years back and it totally changed my
perception of self-defense and how to
keep my friends and family safe because
I’m walking down the street and I’ve got
my kid in the stroller and I’m thinking
what happens if I get attacked right now
I can’t my my normal go to if I get
attacked is just to get out of Dodge try
to take off running but you can’t do
that you can’t leave the kid there so so
what am i options so some people say
weapons are good right so if if you
carry a gun if you have your CHL if
you’re trained and you happen to have
your gun on you when you get attacked
yeah gun is a pretty good weapon to have
but let’s face it most of us don’t walk
around with a gun all day and a lot of
times weapons aren’t safe around little
children you know I have a four year old
and an 18 month old and I can’t just
leave a gun hanging out of the stroller
at all times right so your gun is off
the table for me the knife is a pretty
good tool they make a lot of knives some
of them that are kind of tricky to open
so your kids can’t just whip them out
and start dicing each other up and so I
like to keep the knife in the stroller
the wife knows it’s in the stroller and
the plan is if one of us is attacked
while we have the kid the stroller this
might sound a little crazy but I’m gonna
talk the stroller so what does that do
so little kids gonna do what right
little kids gonna start screaming and if
anybody’s ever been around little kids
while they’re screaming you know how
loud that can be so that could be a good
thing you could attract some attention
anytime a woman hears a crying baby
they’re always checking out to see what
the deal is I’ve got my knife I’m
protecting the kid I’m keeping this butt
into the stroller between the attacker
and the kid and I’m over here slicing
and dicing as I need to right and knives
are really good too if you don’t believe
me just give a twelve-year-old girl a
marker and try to take it from her right
you’ll end up with marks a lot all over
your arms so I like the knife it’s a
good tool you can always you can carry
it most places and hopefully you never
have to use it but if you do even you
know untrained people don’t trained in
martial arts and little kids could be
trained to use a knife pretty easily
good luck we look forward to seeing you
on the map

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