Safety Training Martial Arts


Safety Training Martial Arts


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week alright guys this is Eric from
the lead and another safety tip for
today I want to talk about safety in
martial arts we do some techniques that
might be considered dangerous so how do
we deal with that because we don’t want
to we don’t wanna get anyone to enter
here and we want to take care of people
even when we’re defending ourselves we
want to just do a minimal amount of
self-defense necessary to protect
themselves well how do you do that well
the first thing you do is is being
responsible we you know we’re not going
to show technique to someone who’s not
exhibiting responsibility so we have
different drills in class that make sure
people are responsible for they learn it
whether they’re adult or a child well
the second part is is that once we’re
teaching the technique and we’re
constantly doing that inside of teaching
the technique when people get empowered
by getting more and more responsibility
so it’s a win-win people start to feel
more confident feel better about
themselves as they get empowered to do
warn bigger and better things and so
it’s a win-win on both sides so how does
that work for jiu-jitsu for example
we’re doing joint locks well I don’t
want my arm broken and I don’t want
anyone else to have a broken arm so how
do we do that well when I get caught an
arm lock I just tap or say stop I submit
okay that’s being humbled I’m being
humble when I submit to others and
that’s good for me and that’s good for
children it’s good for all of us to be
humble and so we practice that so it
teaches us to be humble and to be
respectful of the technique and to be
respectful of others well how do you do
that when you’re applying them well
someone’s not tapping we’re gonna just
ask them verbally Paige you need me to
stop you need to let go that gives them
a chance to be in communication with me
about how to deal with this I may go now
and I’ll just be careful let me see if I
can work out of this or no no I think
that’s probably good or no this is not
on I think I can go so we do that kind
of communication with one another teach
responsibility well let’s talk about the
children and then first you know as a
child you have to learn to communicate
so this is one of the best in action on
the court on the mat tools to learn
communication really how we get our
needs met to be humble to be respectful
and how to do
with one another and then it’s an
interesting thing about jiu-jitsu
Brazilian jiu-jitsu is that the kids
have to take care of one another
so did adults actually and so we have to
take care of one another
so my you know for children say my
children wrestle what am I my son where
else is in college right now at a d1
school and a referee blows the whistle
when there’s a potentially dangerous
move we don’t have that here well how do
we do that we do it with one another and
the cool thing about this program that
was kind of unspoken at the very
beginning that I just realized after
doing it a few years was that one of the
best things about training Brazilian
jiu-jitsu is that we start taking care
of one another because we’re empowered
with tools that we can we might actually
accidentally harm someone with so we
have to be responsible for that and be
caring for others and that’s fun
training you get great training you get
really good at Jiu Jitsu and you have a
great time together and you build
relationships and that’s how we manage
safe food and that’s great for children
and that’s great for adults we look
forward to seeing you on the map

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