Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week all right this is Erica the
tip for the day I know when people come
into the martial arts school especially
in mixed martial arts school now we have
a cage and sometimes it’s intimidating
and this looks kind of know at first
thought it might be man this is crazy
it’s really not this is safe it’s really
not it really it’s really safe why do I
say that because if you really look at
the statistics in life you really want
to be present – what’s so on the planet
what’s so on the planet is your Drive
over here it’s far more risky than
anything you’re gonna do in a martial
arts school so I just encourage you to
really look at the statistics so here
we’re gonna train with each other in a
safe manner because that’s what we’re up
to and I’m gonna encourage you to drive
over here very safely because it’s
dangerous out there on the roads and
then when you get here we’re gonna Train
we’re gonna train safe and we’re going
to encourage you to be responsible in
your driving and learn technique around
driving just like you learn technique
around martial arts so that we have a
safe community and we get to share one
another’s happiness thank you we look
forward to seeing you on the map

Mixed Martial Arts Houston


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