Martial Arts Lessons in Houston, TX at Elite MMA 2


Martial Arts Lessons in Houston, TX at Elite MMA 2

Description: John Beck (NFL Quarterback) sharing his training experience at Elite MMA. Call 713-339-4662 to get results regardless of your experience.


I’m John Beck 31 years old NFL
I joined Elite MMA about eight weeks ago
and have been doing personal training
throughout those eight weeks you know
since I was in high school all the way
up we spend a lot of time as athletes in
the weight room and especially as you
move into the professional levels we
spend a lot of the time doing the same
type of workouts over years and I
decided I wanted to get into something
else that I felt would give me a
competitive advantage especially as I
tried to lengthen my career I felt like
I needed to be training smarter not just
harder and I felt like it was a smart
choice to come here and do the things
that Elite MMA can teach me in the past
I never really had enough time I felt
like to come and take some MMA stuff
because being so involved as a
quarterback you spend so much time
watching tape you spend so much time on
your technique as a quarterback and then
on the side I had a family but it kind
of goes to training smarter not just
harder and in using my time wisely I
felt like this would be my my best
decision that I needed to train smarter
and getting out of the weight room a
little bit and getting in here more with
help so this is my first time taking
martial arts when I came in had my
private session with high I felt like I
would get the most out of individual
training sessions as opposed to a group
session just because I felt like we’d be
able to Center all of the things on
exactly what I was looking for and
especially things that could translate
to the football field and in my eight
weeks being here I’ve loved every minute
of it and all the things that we have
done will help me as it transfers over
to the football field probably the only
concern I had was finding the right
place I was new here to Houston and it
being my first time seeking out mixed
martial arts training I really didn’t
know what exactly I was looking for I
wanted to find somebody that I felt like
had the experience and was at a high
enough level to be able to show me the
things that I needed and trust that
person and after I investigated all the
places that I sought out I felt like
Elite MMA was the best one for me
especially because the people who were
here and the things that they showed me
they could do
and after going back and thinking about
how that could pertain to my football
skills and the things that I’m trying to
do in the years to come I felt like
everything that they could bring me here
is what I wanted to have since I’ve been
a part of eleum and may I just look at
my body and my overall physical physical
conditioning when I came here I felt
like as a professional athlete I was in
pretty good shape I’ve been training for
years like I said in the weight room
been training for years on my football
skills and really your body becomes
accustomed to it and I had always
admired the people that did mixed
martial arts training because I’d always
wondered how in the world could they go
that long in those rounds at that high
of an energy level and I’ve been around
a few fighters and I admire just the
training methods that they have and my
first few days in here I got my butt
kicked and I felt like holy cow I’m a
professional athlete and I’m getting
worked doing these exercises and I would
go home feeling completely exhausted but
knowing that this is exactly what I
wanted because it was taking my body to
the next level it was finding some
weaknesses in my body as it pertained to
certain movements and doing those
movements at a high level in a in a
short amount of time and I think that’s
the great thing that the weight room has
a hard time doing in the weight room you
don’t get these type of movements at
this high of an intensity level and here
with the workouts that I’ve been doing I
can sense that my body although it hurt
in the beginning is adjusting to it and
I like the direction that’s going and I
can’t wait to see over the next six to
eight months where my body is going to
be leading up to this next football
season I was amazed at what I found out
how a lot of these things really wore
out muscles that I felt really hadn’t
been worked before in the weight room a
lot of the times you work on a specific
muscle and you’re doing specific
exercises to isolate on a muscle but in
any type of athletic movement rarely do
you ever use just one muscle especially
as it pertains to football I’m
constantly using full-body multiple
muscles to create different ranges of
motion within that athletic movement
and I was blown away at some of the
soreness that I was experiencing after
these workouts the next day feeling like
I’ve been paying a lot of money to
personal trainers to get my body in the
best shape possible which I believe in
that phase of weight room conditioning
and football they were accomplishing but
as I’ve been here I feel like there’s a
lot of things that only an MMA training
can you find it and it’s a great
crossover I still have to on my off days
go into the weight room and work on my
strength and other things that pertain
to the football body that I need to have
but in my overall conditioning there’s
nothing better than what I’ve been doing

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