Leadership Training For Children


Leadership Training For Children


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hi this is Eric with the elite and this
is my tip of the day
I’d like to speak to you about
leadership and specifically the
leadership program here at Lee and
children and this is what we know about
children they’re either going to be a
loner they’re gonna be a follower or
they’re gonna be a leader of course we
don’t want children to be loners we want
them to feel comfortable in groups and
interact well and so we encourage that
here and we have group classes the
second thing is being a follower and we
all need to learn to follow and that’ll
be part of the curriculum however it’s
important that we know who our children
are following and we don’t want them to
be following a bad influence so we teach
the different distinction of following
and following someone of a positive path
or following someone down a negative
path and then third part is for them to
be a leader we love for our kids at
elite to be leaders because we we are at
the positive things we’re up to helping
other people
we’re up to character development and so
we know that our kids are out doing
positive things we want them to be the
leaders in our community and that takes
a lot of practice and that takes it
curriculum and only takes the craic
image and read a book and do it you got
to do it out here on the floor with us
and so the kids get to do leadership
training with one another and even with
the adults so I’d love to have you out
and enjoy the leadership for the
children thank you we look forward to
seeing you on the map

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