Jesus Lopez


Jesus Lopez


Testimonial from Jesus Lopez


I’m four years old I manager for
theaters restaurant as what I do a sub
profession and the name is Luis Lopez I
starting februari early februari I was
overweight that from the end of drive
went to lose weight so I like something
excited I think I did the best show is
here I love everything here keyboard are
awesome I think I need more time in
order to come over here I love it before
for me I will come every day this is a
family style than anybody sees my kids
were doing another sport but I was just
watching them through a window so when I
came here we have everything for the
family so I decided to bring the whole
family here have my two kids and my wife
and I just brought a nephew I lose 60
pounds in total but I start before doing
some cardio but this is nick the
complete change health health that’s
what it matters health and family
reunion we get together when we come
here which is not that often well
respect to her better conditioning
health and all that what I did instead
is that after that we all had to travel
in the same car and sharing things that
we didn’t during the day you know the
stuff is like a family reunion
leafy and anyway come over here
definitely yeah my job is very stressful
I get the stress out of here Mike
Godspeed better i think i look better
and look sharp I really like it I don’t
know buddy Heidi I took so long to come
over here I really join it and this
cycle deal

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