James Vavasour


James Vavasour


Testimonial from James Vavasour


hi my name is James babess sir on 35
years old almost 36 and I’m a naval
architect and engineering manager here
in Houston Texas offshore oil yes well I
had kind of some high stress levels with
my career and had some high blood
pressure issues so I wanted to get some
stress relieved to kind of bring those
numbers down I’ve worked out before at a
mixed martial arts gym but there was a
lot of kind of guys that like to go out
a hundred percent i was bored with
getting injured because my career can’t
get bruised up so i came here and that
within a short time i was getting my
stress literate stress relief that I
needed and my hope he remembers came
down to a healthy long yeah but what the
doctor recommended was that I don’t do
anything full contact but I love martial
arts and I had to find a place where I
could you know get that out of my system
work out with people who understood and
whenever I types of people here in 211
golden light it was never an issue it’s
been going on for about eight years
prior to rolling here on were dead when
I was in my early 20s with mixed martial
arts and then I took long break when I
found out that I could do any
full-contact sports um I think was the
people and the instructors i noticed
that discipline was a big thing i
remember seeing Eric very early on there
was a kid that heard another kid and he
was really quick to put on the kind of
be a disciplinarian and i love that and
i also noticed that the end of all the
classes they make a pretty bow and bow
at the end of the class and slap it
holds hand just seemed like he was a lot
of discipline so it wasn’t reckless kind
of meat had velocity where people were
just going in and hurt each other just
go wild um well initially i was worried
about people going at one hundred
percent when they were sparring but i
remember talking to one of the
instructors hi and he said the last
thing you want to do is get injured
while you’re training you don’t get
injured a fight little more training and
that real
I realized that was going to be in a
safe environment to the martial arts I’m
well I’ve definitely dropped away drop
like 15 pounds I can eat whatever I want
now worry about it as much now my wife
is happier because I get my stress out
here so much more mellow which or chill
out the house and then I’m also with
work I find it helps teach me a lot of
patients at work again I think that I’m
does that person that needs that
physical kind of full contact stuff and
I just found it on a bag in the gym
during cardio kickboxing and we’re doing
some of the self defense stuff like
shake ad that I could a lot of that out
of my system um I think yeah I would be
the relationship my relationship at home
I’m just more mellow and that was
intense so I don’t have as much energy
my wife is much more chill than I am so
she appreciates him LOL husband it’s not
always wanted to go out every day and do
stuff but also work on a manager so it’s
definitely taught me patience intend to
be I kind of sit back a little bit more
will climb explain the point of view
forbes creek the director belong here
yeah it’s increased my confidence for
sure 35 36 years old I still feel real
good I can go down the board on park and
run three miles and it’s not a big deal
compared to the cardio kickboxing and
stuff we do here and that’s also good
for your libido feel good about yourself
I’m going to take it back to the house
now that’s it I just want to thank
everybody here who’s really cool