Health + Safety


Health + Safety


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hi this is Eric with elite tip for the
day around safety again we were training
mixed martial arts and I want to I want
it to be safe in the I want everybody to
be safe but let’s take a realistic look
at this the biggest the biggest
obstacles that we all have to even
children now is obesity we have to run
from obesity and so come in and run
you’re gonna feel better and you’re
gonna run in front obesity heart disease
same thing we should be running from
heart disease come in we’re gonna run in
here we’re gonna workout we’re running
from heart disease those are gonna get
you cancer we don’t truly understand
cancer but what we know is is that when
you’re around a group of positive people
and everybody’s encouraging one one
another a higher level and we’re working
out and training our bodies and training
our minds we know that decreases the
cancer rate and even the students that
we’ve had had cancer we all supported
them and a lot of are back in their
training so this is a safe environment
we encourage you to come out and we
encourage you to really work against the
things that are a real threat to you
thank you we look forward to seeing you
on the map

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