Gas Station Self Defense


Gas Station Self Defense


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hey guys frost here and we’re gonna talk
a little bit about a gas-station
self-defense right so if you’re ever
coping gasps it doesn’t matter what part
of town you’re in the other you’re
fighting to get this face and there’s
always a bunch of stuff going around and
it’s really hard to keep your attention
on this and the surrounding areas and
oftentimes I’ve had a bunch of people
come up and you never know what they’re
asking for sometimes they’re asking for
money sometimes they look like they’re
gonna rob you
most the time it’s just really
inappropriate I never advise walking up
to somebody at a gas station right so I
I thought well what can I do to be safe
right so I have little kids so it
doesn’t work for me to carry a gun in my
car or anything like that but a pocket
knife is pretty easy right most of us
can carry these we can leave them in our
cupholders they’re pretty cheap they’re
accessible they can sit in your purse or
your briefcase and so once I get my gas
going I have my blade open and I sit
here and I pick my my thumbs and my
fingers like I’m cleaning my fingernails
like the gas is pumping and I stand
there kind of in a ready position people
come I go huh uh what huh you know and I
do one of these and I kind of give this
little crazy face and and have you
displayed I’ve done this multiple times
and they walk up and they go no it’s
cool and they turn and walk off right I
don’t do it in a way like I’m ready to
do a Zorro thing but I do do it enough
to where I’m giving them the look that
if they come they know what the deal is
right so I’m not trying to provoke
something but I am being a little bit
offensive in my self-defense right so
poke the tip works for you be safe out
there we look forward to seeing you on
the map

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