Exguard Sweep From One Legged Xguard


Exguard Sweep From One Legged Xguard


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hey guys this is Julian and we’re gonna
be working on an X card sweep from a
one-legged ex-partner
so starting a partner couldn’t start
standing up when start on shin hug
the leg okay
I’m gonna lay back down as I straighten
my leg out and pull him into a
one-legged F okay now my partner’s gonna
start his knees so my next options I’m
gonna go for a far side X guard so my
legs gonna come down hook his thigh my
top leg is gonna come back underneath
I’m gonna hook his hip make sure my
knees are wide here I’m gonna sit up and
I’m gonna grab my partner’s sleeve not I
can’t reach it
I like to use a collar pull him in now
add like grab the sleeve I’m just gonna
take that post away drop my partner down
sit up get your top we look forward to
seeing you on the map

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