Emmanuel Silva


Emmanuel Silva


Testimonial from Emmanuel Silva


my name is Emmanuel Silva my age is 28
and my profession is attractive I
started in may of 2008 I was weighing at
about 206 pounds and I joined the gym
and that it just wasn’t working out
there and I was referred through one of
the people that worked here John he told
me to come down came down just started
losing weight weight right now I 151 for
a while before I came here I was having
severe headaches and I was having
problems with my knees there was
actually a situation while I was working
that actually got up from my chair and I
my knees couldn’t hold my weight so I
was getting to be pretty bad definitely
had to do a lot in my way initially I
was taking the kickboxing classes and as
well I was also going to the gym as much
as I could recently have been it’s been
on and off I’ve been taking more cardio
classes and I’ve also taken a lot of the
mixed martial arts class which have also
helped me out a lot learning a lot of
things you see on TV you actually go
ahead and do any person is actually
really really good mainly just working
out just work at how mainly I always was
interested in mixed martial arts and
just uh I didn’t know if I I’d have to
sign up or do a whole health system or
something but it was actually easy to
get into um the people actually it’s a
good atmosphere here I also like the gym
as well it’s it has everything I need
and the classes are everyone seems to
help each other and want to help each
other want to make each other grow them
with their skills I was always scared
took karate years and years ago when I
was really young and it didn’t really
work out well for me in it I was always
kind of tentative about going into some
kind of karate system our belt system
once it wasn’t really what I wanted but
when I came here and they’d all really
worked out well for me it was you know I
didn’t have to feel like I was out of
place right it belong or anything which
is kind of what I felt when I was taking
karate actually with everyone helping me
out and it’s really constructive Ricardo
Dallas and then ray all of them had been
really really helpful their patient with
you and
showing you the techniques so it really
helps out real well my weight is
probably the biggest thing I remember
even going up a flight of stairs that
get really tired really fast and huffing
and puffing and also my confidence as
well as I’m not a really big person and
I feel like I’m in easy target for a lot
of people and you know just you know
having a little bit more self-defense
skills you know would always help out so
it’s really helped my confidence as well
mainly just reactions and reflexes
actually doing things with doing things
techniques and then remembering them and
have a muscle memory you know now you’ll
do something in one class and north loop
spill over into another class and it’s
actually been officially yes definitely
I don’t get a distressed out as I used
to before and I guess like I said I have
more energy now to do things you know I
I couldn’t even run a mile before no you
know I can you know right i ran a mile
we actually ran a 5k a couple months ago
did just fine yeah that’s as far as like
the fun run they had a couple months ago
like I said I ran and I actually placed
third in my age division which you know
years ago I probably cutting but I ran
you know you know 20 feet
about husband so it’s actually
really good