Elite MMA Kingwood Video Blog Episode 1


Elite MMA Kingwood Video Blog Episode 1


Elite MMA Kingwood – 2259 Northpark Dr. Kingwood, TX 77339


welcome to beautiful kingwood texas okay
here we are at the North Park Shopping
Center 2259 north park which is going to
be the location for the elite MMA
kingwood hey guys so behind us here this
is our mobile office when we’re already
getting students registered okay behind
us here is a north park drive okay so
where our North Park Shopping Center is
located alright so let’s go take a look
at the actual sweet okay here around us
you can see our neighbors gay Mr Dan
good friend of ours the Akashi sushi
company good friends of ours as well
okay so let’s go take a look at the
all right guys here we are at the actual
Suites 2259 Elite MMA kingwood one
I’ll pray you okay so up here at the CBR
reception area will have to display
cases full of you know all the care that
students are going to need keys gloves
everything you might need we’ll also
have a case up here for energy drinks
okay so you need some energy before
class we’ve got you covered in here this
would be our office okay so students
getting registered at all of our
business stuff is going to be taken care
of in here currently we got our
flatscreen in here but the flat screen
will be mounted on the wall back here
behind the reception area pretty simple
right I’m envisioning like a round table
here so you know come in anybody that’s
interested in taking classes with us can
come in get all the information they
need okay so this is where all our
classes will take space take place will
be 1800 square feet of mats okay two
inch premium dollar mats okay don’t walk
way on this side ok so it’s Matt’s all
the way from about here to the wall okay
on this side will have some benches k
benches are already ordered excellent
benches okay so we’ll walk this way more
dark changing and
okay here we have three changing stalls
and three bathrooms so technically at
any point you can have six people
getting ready for class at one time okay
so these are the changing so us so
basically just go a little room big
enough for you to get changed we’ll have
like a little bench for you getting
you’re GE getting your workout clothes
and then you’re ready for class okay
back here these of entrances to our
bathrooms okay so we’ll have three
separate bathrooms gay bathroom 12 other
doors back here for bathrooms two and
three okay on this side over here this
is what we’ll have our water families
okay so have two built-in water
fountains as well as some lockers or
cubbies for you guys to keep all of your
you know workout gear and also you know
gear to go home in and stuff like that
use your gym bag basically okay well our
vision for this school is to have 300
students okay so 300 students that trust
Mitchell and myself to help them achieve
their goals so when I invite you guys
out elite family and potential elite
family to come out check us out at 22 59
north park in kingwood texas thanks guys