Derrick & Bryce Stenson


Derrick & Bryce Stenson


Testimonial from Derrick & Bryce Stenson


my name is Derek Stinson age of 43 a
chiropractor my name is bryceton 1519 i
was looking to get back into martial
arts I’m pretty much always done washing
arts or start off when I was about six
somewhere between you’re doing karate
and a kind of changed into comfy when I
stopped when I was about 22 23 when I
went off chiropractic school and I was
always looking for some feedback and so
around that time run 2008 a start
I’ve been looking to get back ever since
I graduated what you collect 9 day with
work schedule and all I found stuff
never better that you back in the West
are just kind of made decision there’s
no just like get back no matter when I’m
going to find the atmosphere where my
family could come too so I was one
finger proteins that amy was a real hard
tricky as a while
when they show it
mom that was pretty much on Marshall s I
hadn’t quite made up my mind which area
I was looking for something we’re kind
of the same period and so when I came
here I just gravitated such as what got
me here but originally a fraternal
becomes pretty much probably back in
eternity or something like the run that
area liked everything here for our
children the atmosphere was really great
i was like the biggest thing for me I
knew I bring my family here with
everybody kind of fitting get along good
so it was kind of like the family
atmosphere taxiing it was kind of like
if your individual or you look at the
individual thing they have that but then
I’ve got a family unit or family
atmosphere but not at all once I got
here and spoke with everybody’s mind was
made up and just jump right
to it I just my conditioning and
everything has gotten a lot better being
at age 43 no you want to punish day in
shape so when I’ll activities they’re
definitely brought all that back back to
where it used to be definitely a me lose
you know I really wasn’t expecting that
Digable family background but definitely
turn out to be a lot bigger than that’s
what I really really like you’re
bringing kids really like that cluster
train is really intense so that was
another one you kind of know certain
things going to be intense but you’re
not quite not sure that was the biggest
distress lucky stress left it down yeah
stress level stays down that’s pretty
much like work and stuff like that and
not publish I’ll have a little bit more
towards that work I think it’s a great
atmosphere think it’s a real place if
you want to need brains which is
something I wasn’t expecting any well
think it’s a great atmosphere