De-Escalating Aggression


De Escalating Aggression


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week all right guys hi this is Eric
from elite tip for the day I want to
share this may take a couple of minutes
but I encourage you to stay with me on
this so I’m going to talk today about
anger or frustration the things that
most humans experienced and some of them
at a really high level and so this topic
is going to address everything from
hypertension to child abuse to domestic
violence whole bunch work for 10 years
at a psychiatric hospital this is what
we know in the state of Texas are
statistics that show and as in a
state-run facility when someone gets
really angry we have on average in this
state about two and a half minutes to
verbally deescalate someone before they
go physical and so in our martial arts
school here at elite we talk a lot about
that and how to help someone deescalate
without having to go physical of course
we’re training the physical to help them
stay safe and get calm again but what we
really want to do is do it verbally
first well how do you do that well the
first thing is that you me and everyone
else we get angry and frustrated it’s
because we feel disempowered in other
words we feel like there’s nothing we
can do in our life to affect the
situation maybe a loved one died and we
feel remorse anger sadness
maybe it’s someone sick in the family
maybe you’re personally ill and it’s
frustrating you’re overcoming financial
difficulties there are a lot of things
that contribute to this and it’s almost
always a feeling of disempowerment so we
don’t have a way to affect that outcome
in a way that really makes us happy in
our life we feel disempowered and if you
notice the logo it says the elite MMA
empower yourself because we’re about
enabling you to take control of your
life and empower yourself around these
types of things now sometimes when we
have a violent person we have to we have
to figure out how to de-escalate them
well how would you do ask like that well
some people they control them and that’s
the way they handle a situation but what
we know is is across the nation and more
people are empowered as long as they’re
a positive person
or most people at their heart or
positive and so we empower them how do
you empower them well the first thing
you have to do is hear them out and so
what we encourage to do is encourage
people to verbalize what’s going on with
them so that they they get to speak and
sit there so that they’re heard and then
the second thing is we repeat it back to
them so that they feel heard they got it
but you understand or at least you have
some knowledge of where they’re coming
from the third one is is asking them to
come up with solutions I mean I can’t
solve other people’s problems but I can
help them solve their own problems and
so we encourage that as the third step
the fourth step is to get some action
items once we have a strategy that’s
acceptable like the one and breaking the
windows out of this place is not an
acceptable one but there are other
acceptable manners to dispel our
frustration and so we come up with
positive ways of dealing with our
frustration and then we and there and
you let the person do it themselves we
just help them do that and that’s the
fourth step where they get actions items
and then the fifth step is is to follow
up with them to see how the action items
work if they’re starting to get some
empowerment in their life now that has
to happen real rapidly under a
high-stress situation and so we train
techniques on how to do that so I try to
do it in less than 30 seconds that’s a
little bit tough but take some practice
look these are the tools that we can use
no matter how long it takes that’s the
true step having people lower their
tension levels lower environment
violence levels and really getting
people to working together because at
that very base of it people want to work
together they want to be to get it and
they want to overcome the frustrations
in life all right hope this is a good
tip for the day good luck to you we look
forward to seeing you on the map

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