David Carriaga


David Carriaga


Testimonial from David Carriaga


hi my name is david ray Crowe yoga I’m
age 35 about a unit um had a lot a lot
of popping on my life so I needed
something and told me about me so I just
came over and check it out um I was
really loves to be honest with you I
didn’t really know what I wanted to do
and then I came to check it out and
seeing how friendly everybody was so I
decided to give a try just a little bit
timid I was kind of afraid if I could
handling a lot of physical lost 46
pounds more confidence and everything I
do just everything is holed up in my
attitude where look at these world love
it more friends or family type that’s
about looking for I feel a lot better
than myself the way I look like I said
like I look at things different I feel
more confident I’m not so nervous when I
do things you know just a lot of being
more positive in my life so it’s good
the best thing I ever did in my life
coming totally if I were to came earlier
I think you would have been a lot better
for me hang on let’s say it’s more
positive i feel like i have a family

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