Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hi this is Eric from elite and I wanted
to share my one of my star pupils with
me today and we want to share a few tips
and tricks with you today about
self-defense and all that Clarence
introduce himself and tell you a little
bit about how we got together well I got
concerned after 9/11 and I thought I
would like to be one of the guys who
went up to try to take back the plane I
have a background in wrestling a
wrestling high school I won the school
championship in college but I hadn’t
done anything for a long time and so I
started back with karate and I felt very
quickly that it was not going to be an
effective way of self defense I started
looking for a school that I thought
could teach me the best self-defense and
mixed martial arts has been the proving
ground for what martial arts worked the
best so we wanted to embark on a journey
that would give him access to life
feeling comfortable in the situation and
we we train children from five years of
age to any age and we have to adapt
things for different ages so that were
affected and so with Clarence we’ve kind
of built this together he would he comes
up with ideas and what feels good to him
and I throw in my two cents and we
really develop this together
and so we’ve we’ve came up with some
techniques that I think are pretty
effective and he feels comfortable with
and we feel like a real functional for
what self-defense all right so we want
to develop some techniques for Clarence
to defend himself and we built a frame
and the range so fun to use I’m wearing
a pad that was demonstrated with
aluminum baseball bat hitting it so I
need to wear that because he hit he
needs hard enough and kicks me hard
enough that I need to wear this so just
to give you some reference point and so
what Clarence gonna do is gonna get in
that stance where he’s less apt to fall
down so if he’s been altercations coming
he’s gonna step back with one foot put
his hands up like he described earlier
so as his face is covered I’m not gonna
get be able to throw a straight punch
I’m gonna have to throw a round punch
which is slower and that’d be typical
anyway Clarence is gonna be able to
block it with both hands because I’m a
great big guy and he can block Ryan to
then he sends to me right so you can see
the efficiency of that with him just
being able to throw the knee in nice and
low so it’s a great heart shot and
another thing is the knee is probably
your most powerful striking – and it’s
something with someone with age can
still do
whereas we may not be every strike as
hard as as the other person okay so we
also talked about Clarence was like hey
I don’t want it to be complicated I
don’t want to have to do a whole bunch
of things so we keep it pretty
systematic and simple you want to just
do a couple of things real well so if
you notice his hands whether I throw my
right hand or left hand it’s not gonna
have to make much adjustments so one of
these we were real distinguished with
remember he’s covered up the center and
we threw the right hand last time at
this time I try to sneak a left hand in
it’s the same thing he’s here oh wait oh
and so now it’s not that complicated and
I think it’s more comfortable for him to
just remember one thing and that’s
actually fresh young people – okay so we
want to be able to deal with multiple
attackers because that’s pretty common
and one of the rules of multiple
attackers does not have to deal with two
people at once but try to get them in a
straight line so that it’s easier and so
Clarence is gonna do a kick that he
kicks real hard I’m gonna have to use
this air pad to be able to handle this
he’s gonna kick real hard he’s gonna
balance me most people are not
accustomed to this kind of kicking and I
really wouldn’t expect it from him but
he does a great job of fists and and
then he’s gonna take me out and put my
body between he and Frost for a little
bit of safety so he’s here here’s my
partner in crime right here and Clarence
is gonna cut an angle he’s gonna cut my
legs out for underneath here we go
okay here’s that technique that’s a
little bit more complex but we’re still
building on the fundamentals we started
with Clarence is gonna have a good hand
foundation he’s gonna be covered for the
straight punch I’m gonna be throwing
well he’s gonna we’re gonna I mean he’s
gonna block he’s gonna hit a boomerang
in the back of my head which is a chance
to knock me out he’s gonna catch the
front of my face and he’s gonna finish
with those knees again so same same
concept a couple more additions we’re
bitten so we can work on it so I’m here
okay so sometimes we have to it’s it’s
Clarence has the legal right to defend
himself he feels like his life’s in
and so in and the circumstances here I’m
a reasonable threat to him and when I
make a comment that that indicates that
I’m gonna cause him bodily hum permanent
bodily harm he has the he has the option
of being able to fend himself this is a
pretty good technique he kicks really
hard so I’ve been training up for this
one for awhile okay so and so when I
come up and I’m gonna approach him and
so he’s gonna do this technique so if I
come up to clients I’m gonna kill you
take it easy
okay so one of the things we like to
cover is range and so Clarence is
trained in multiple ranges and stuff so
he’s spent a lot of time learning how to
responsibly handle a firearm and and
actually it’s taught me a lot about
firearms and so we get to share a
technique back and forth and I really
appreciate his wisdom and he sees we’re
gonna show a technique we do the
implement the safe utilization of his
and some of the hand-to-hand combat too
so I’m approaching him I’m too close
here and so just to create enough range
for him to safely draw his firearm which
is pretty tough to do because when you
get in real close ranges sometimes you
can lose them so we work on that as well
okay I want to thank you for all your
experience and wisdom there’s no way I
think I could have learned the things
that you have taught me in any other
school in Houston thanks very much Thank
You Clarence because I’ve been a
pleasure one of the best things in my
life because your wisdom and working
with me and your friendship and I spend
this together has just been invaluable
to me and I really appreciate and love
you thank you we look forward to seeing
you on the map

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