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Bryan Beaver


Testimonial from Bryan Beaver


nice broad beaver and 30 years old and I
am a pastor I started elite two years
ago in July of 2008 I’ve just been about
five or six years since I’ve been really
active and I was looking for opportunity
to get active stay in shame and
something fun to do like five or six
years since I started college and got
married had kids I just hadn’t had that
active lifestyle and gain some weight
and looking for an opportunity to get
back in shape um outside of martial arts
you know I’d them running and biking and
just general working out but it wasn’t
it just wasn’t it wasn’t fun even though
it was good for me so I was looking for
something a little more enjoyable just
whenever I started coming to train at
elite I liked it that people were really
friendly here guys were guys who are
encouraging there’s a good environment
and I find I found it outside of other
kinds of exercising and working out and
stuff it was it was mentally stimulating
as well it was challenging and
competitive so I enjoyed those aspects
of as well not really I mean after after
coming in and training a little bit I
didn’t really have anything negative to
say that at all honestly I’ve benefit in
all different kinds of ways my health is
better because I’ve lost about 40 pounds
since I started training at elite I I
feel like I have more energy because I’m
active I really enjoyed come into the
6am classes right it’s got it gets about
a vet early it’s my day started
and another cool thing about trinidad
elite is just the community aspect i’ve
made a lot of friends and that’s been a
really cool addition to to my life as
well biggest accomplishment is it’s
probably just my just kind of physical
well-being is I just feel better overall
physically and I it’s it’s been a great
thing that’s benefits not just me but it
benefits my family as well to have a
happier healthier husband and father
yeah sure I think one of the things that
was most surprising to me I didn’t come
in here expecting or the the friends
that I would make you know I came into
to work out in shape and do something
competitive but but I’ve made really
good friends and enjoyed the the
community here a lot I think of it as an
outlet for stress for sure I didn’t
realize I didn’t think I didn’t think
about this until I stopped raining for a
while because of an injury so it took a
couple weeks off and I find when I’m not
training I feel like crap I’m like I
realized how beneficial it is just day
to day to keep training and it really is
a great stress reliever and I think it
fits everything I do