Bill Qureshi


Bill Qureshi


Testimonial from Bill Qureshi


this is bill bill kuraishi 43 years old
self-employed own a couple of businesses
here in town and training Elite MMA I’ve
been training here for about two years
year and a half to two years wasn’t
healthy was an in good shape you know
not doing well but started training here
lost a lot of weight I think in the last
year and a half I’ve lost 47 pounds a
huge jujitsu and a little bit of cardio
other the gym oh I haven’t exercised
ever probably you know getting a
personal trainer and working out and
stuff but this is much more fun I get to
you know learn a martial art learn
self-defense and lose weight and workout
um I’d heard a lot of good things about
it a lot of my friends train here and
you know people that fight and
professionally or amateur fighters and I
just I thought it’d be a good place to
Train really enjoy it well you know I
not only do I enjoy working out here and
have I learned a lot but it’s a good
group of people that you know there’s a
lot of good feeling here at the gym you
make friends people are friendly they go
out of here their way to help you you
know I’ve just stopped made it in the
last year and a half I’ve made more
friends and a half in the last ten years
my blood pressure is lower my
cholesterol slower
my blood sugar is lower so these are
things that I wasn’t really expecting
when I came to train here jujitsu but
I’ve definitely lost a lot of weight you
know 47 pounds with a lot and it’s
affected my health in a good way um uh
you know I can definitely be on my feet
a lot longer there was times when I was
out of shape where I couldn’t stand for
more than five hours or four hours but I
find myself being more you know active
and wanting to walk more you know more
physical activity so definitely
that’s a great place so I started
training here about a year and a half
almost two years ago and decided to
enroll my kids in the kids jiu-jitsu
program too and they’re loving it
they’re both great belts now they’ve
been doing it for almost a year and a
half and got my nephew in here and just
brought up as many friends as I could so
you know it’s a great place it’s a very
family-oriented off atmosphere and just
a fun place to be

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