Armlock From Passing Half Guard


Armlock From Passing Half Guard


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
okay guys Frost and I here we’re gonna
work on some more attacks from passing
the guard right so we’re trying to
submit our opponents even before we’re
all the way through the guard we’re
getting older we’re getting a little bit
lazier we’d like to just go ahead and
finish while work before we get all the
way through so here I am again I’m
passing the guard as I pass I like to
control this lapel and at some point
when we’re past and we’re struggling
we’re playing all the different guards I
untucked this lapel once I get this
untucked I’m gonna start to lower my
position and come down on top from here
I’m gonna feed this lapel I want to keep
this nice and straight here on the
outside and I can leave myself in the
half guard okay a lot of times when you
leave a trainer partner in the half
guard they feel pretty safe they feel
they don’t feel as threatened and that’s
what I wanted to feel I wanted to feel
pretty safe here so from here I’m gonna
come up to a knee on the belly tight
position normally when I Drive that
pressure on the knee they generally like
to try to deal with that move against
when they put their regular hands low
I’m gonna go high I’m gonna switch the
grip grab a little bit move fell here
breathing is here a little bit finish
the choke okay that’s number one and
number two he starts to push a little
bit I don’t like that so I’m gonna bring
this elbow all the way across notice I’m
still in the half guard right I didn’t
come all the way through if I come all
the way through easily
leave them in the half guard here I can
keep the pressure on him and keep them
low from here I’m gonna lay on it and
I’m gonna stir if you look back this way
as I turn this up like here I’m being
nice to my partner here here the time I
start to look and there’s my second
challenge we look forward to seeing you
on the map

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