Armbar From Mount


Armbar From Mount


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week
hey guys this is Robert we’re gonna be
doing the armbar from the mountain which
is one of the submissions you need to
know you can tear once it’s here – first
i’ma have my partner’s start on their
back and I’m gonna start it in the
mounted position all right
the focus for this move is to control my
partner’s arm and it really does lie
inside the setup so what I’m gonna do is
I’m going to take my hand and control my
partner’s cross collar now I’m gonna use
my free hand to face out wide so that I
can move my body up and around his arm
90 degrees I’m gonna take my hand off
the ground pull his arm in so that I can
swing my opposite leg up and sit on top
of my partner’s chest now quick tip here
is make sure you do not feel bad for
your partner always take care of them
but given the situation would be
reversed my partner would definitely
want to sit on top and switch so make
sure that you apply your pressure now in
order to finish I want to hug my
partner’s arm and then I want to post my
hand on the mat so that I don’t fall
over and hit my head leading the weight
forward slide the leg over the head sit
on the mat now when I finish control the
wrist way back nice and slow extend the
hips up get your off we look forward to
seeing you on the map

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