Arm Bar Attack From The Mount


Arm Bar Attack From The Mount


Hey guys! Welcome to the Elite MMA tip of the week.


hey guys welcome to the Elite MMA tip of
the week okay guys Frost and I here
we’re working on a little bit of a farm
bar attack from the mouth so our side
control or wherever you end up so I’m on
top I was in a tournament a while back
you know and I got a guy in a farm block
like this and it was really tight and
the guy was really strong I was like I
just cranked and you know a tournament
your Adrenaline’s cranking I’m trying to
get this on I’m try to get this arm and
I ended up kind of limping I was like I
I tried to pick up a bunch of weight and
I did up hurt my back so I had to
rethink the whole arm lock and I
remember some people doing a technique
where they kind of start to sit a little
bit more towards the head and they laid
this way I really like laying this way a
little bit and there’s all kinds of
videos and all kinds of tricks you can
do to start to press the guy’s wrists
open I like kind of do this this
figure-four on the wrists and I start to
bust and he plays nice too tight and as
he opens up I sneak this foot in I just
open up enough to get this foot in he
doesn’t even know it’s coming most the
time and then I let off a little and
they always try to get back up and prove
then they’re stuck in the triangle by
the base of triangle or there’s our line
we look forward to seeing you on the mat

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