Marisol Yamashita

Marisol Yamashita - Elite Instructor


1. My name is Marisol Yamashita and I’m 41 years old. 

2. I started the Elite MMA Kickboxing program in 2009 and then the Jiujitsu program in 2010.

3. My reason for starting at the time had been because my older boys were already enrolled in the kids/adult jiujitsu program. After awhile sitting on the sidelines, the instructors started to drop so not so subtle hints for me to try out class. At that time I didn’t handle peer pressure to well, so I finally decided to give in and try it out. Best decision I could of ever made for my family. 

4. I’ve always seen martial arts as a tough violent intimidating sport. I never pictured myself doing this type of full contact sport especially with men. 10yrs later I can’t picture myself doing anything else.

5. So since Elite was my very first martial arts school. I didn’t want to come in full guns blazing and jiujitsu was too intimidating for me. So I started off with the kickboxing program first. Walked in thinking this was a simple easy class, 20min into the class I thought I was going to die. I was hooked. 1 year later I jump into my first jiujitsu class. It was life changing for me!

6. The biggest fear I had was having to train with men.  Being a petite woman in a sport that at the time was dominated mostly by men and very few women were in, I was a ball of nerves but I was lucky to have pretty great instructors. Everyone made me feel safe and were so patient to help me learn and enjoy my experience.

7. Since training I have made it to my brown belt in jiujitsu. In the 10years of training the confidence within myself which I had tremendously lacked, grew. It constantly took me out of my comfort zone and because of that I was able to make the leap into starting my business. Martial arts has literally touched every aspect of my life from my family, my work, but most importantly within myself.